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Your Support In Action

The past couple of years have been tough for so many reasons – as the world was shuttered due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our travels ground to a screeching halt, as well. We were heartbroken to be unable to run the clinics that residents count on each year in the impoverished and remote areas of Haiti, Panama, and Honduras.

While we were unable to travel, your support of TIH still helped those in need throughout the pandemic – we donated $1,100 to one of our trusted contacts in Haiti, Reginald, to help the victims of the earthquake that struck near Port-au-Prince in late 2021. Because of the destruction, there were about 250 people living in Reginald's church yard with nowhere else to go. Your donations provided medicine, food and water to assist those people.

Without supporters like you, we couldn't carry out our mission – through traveling clinics and otherwise. As always, we appreciate your continued donations, both financial and of supplies and medicines. Check out our list of supplies that we're always in need of and get in touch with us through our website or social media, or make your tax-deductible financial donation through our website.

We hope to be able to begin traveling again in 2022 and are always looking for new opportunities, so please get in touch with us if you know of a great opportunity that may fit our mission! Thank you for your faithful support of TIH – you're making a difference one person at a time!

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