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Panama Update

After my last update, I'm happy to report that we were actually able to go to Chiriqui, Panama, to work with the Ngöbe-Buglé people, even without running the clinic. 

Although the government was still adamant that we were not able to run our clinic, likely due to corruption and not to the 'epidemic' they insisted was occurring in the country, a small team that included Jed, Nikki, Toni, and myself were able to give parasite medication to all the kids – plus lollipops and soccer balls. We worked with Toni and Micah from Reaching Hearts (a Maryland church that also does missions work in Panama), helping with a well project to provide clean water.

In addition to these projects, we donated a ton of medicines to an honest clinic in nearby Tole and donated care packages and additional medicines to a pastor in David who helps native Panamanian women who just gave birth.

Despite not being able to run the clinic as planned, we made the best of the situation and hopefully created new contacts for the future. Thank you as always for your support! We look forward to running our next clinic in the near future. 

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