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Thank you for your support of another successful Haiti clinic!

Thanks to your support, we were able to run another great clinic in Haiti at the beginning of April. We saw 608 patients over two days of our mobile clinic in the mountains, a day at an orphanage providing medical care, and two and a half days of providing care in Carrefour.

It was great to see folks that we have treated before at past clinics coming back to see us! They are receiving continuous care for the first time, which is potentially life-saving.

In addition to providing medical care at several locations, we taught a class on high blood pressure and exercise to encourage these populations to focus on preventative care. It was very well-received, and we hope to see even more positive change when we return next! Check out more photos of the trip in our Facebook album.

We truly couldn't do any of this without your donations and support – you are making a huge difference in the lives of people who traditionally have had no access to medical care, let alone preventative care. We can't wait to return to Haiti, and we are also looking forward to bringing this same life-saving care to Panama & Honduras in 2018.

Remember, just $4 is enough to treat a patient and potentially save their life. Donate now!

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